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So far my team levels and moves are
-lvl 52 Torterra
2.wood hammer
3.rock slide

-lvl 50 gallade
1.brick break(will change to close combat)
2.psycho cut
3.stone edge
4.night slash

-lvl 48 floatzel
3.ice fang

-lvl 47 houndoom
1.dark pulse
3.iron tail
4.thunder fang

-lvl 46 Staraptor
1.aerial ace(will change to brave bird)
4.close combat

-lvl 50 Raichu
3.rock smash
4.grass knot

Sry for the long post, my first time using the forum and I thought maybe I could get any advice on changes I should make and the general level.

The fastest way to beat the game is simply challenging the Pokemon League over and over until you win. I think you should get Staraptor to level 49 and teach it brave bird, so you can beat Aaron every time and not lose too much money if you lose to Bertha afterward.
You should definitely go to the Route 212 tutor to replace Floatzel's ice fang with ice punch, because strong ice attacks will help a lot against Cynthia. You should probably also replace Raichu's rock smash with focus blast (go to the move deleter in Canalave to forget rock smash and the Veilstone store to get focus blast), Torterra's crunch with either curse (move reminder in Pastoria) or swords dance (Veilstone game corner), Floatzel's dig with rain dance (Route 223) and Gallade's psycho cut with swords dance (move reminder in Pastoria).
I don't mind the suggestions, thank you. I'll keep psycho cut on gallade and I would replace crunch on torterra but I used up my heart scales so until post game I'm SOL. I'll train my Pokemon to lvl 55 or 57 and then take on the league. One more question, any idea on where to train staraptor and houndoom for good exp or would I just have to exp share them?
I think Route 223 is the best place to raise Staraptor to level 49 because the Tentacruels there have low physical defense and give a lot of experience. Why do you want to level up your other Pokemon before challenging the League, when leveling them up inside the League challenges is faster?
If you have no heart scales, then teach swords dance to Torterra. The TM75 costs P80,000.
While I understand it's faster, I have this weird mindset that if I'm going to challenge the league, I want to win without fail, and besides I'm used to grinding outside of the league.
In that case, I probably can't help any more. Just remember to teach ice punch to Floatzel.
Alright I will.
Thx for the suggestions and I guess when I take on the league I'll let you know how it goes.
So I beat the game and I gotta say for the most part it was easy but had rough spots here and there. I had fun another less and this was my best team imo.
Swept through the elite four
Swept through Cynthia but I got real lucky with milotic, made her flinched and got a crit.
The only rough spot was when Flint's magmorter survived on 1hp and took out both torterra and floatzel so I had to wing it.

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Whenever I challenge a Pokémon League from any region, I always make sure all my Pokémon are somewhere between levels 60 and 70, sometimes 80. This ensures I can take most any hits thrown my way while giving me powerful moves to use in return. Note that actually leveling up your Pokémon to this level is very arduous without cheats. You may want to research the battles you face beforehand to reduce the likelihood of being caught unprepared.

I already beat it but thx for suggesting. Idk how to close the subject I'm new to the forum.
Anyways, I always do research to see the levels and since Cynthia's garchomp is 62, I got my team to the high 50's to low 60's. I always plan ahead and grind accordingly but yeah grinding in platinum makes drinking spoiled milk seem fun.
You're not supposed to close questions because someone in the future might come up with a better answer.
U can beat Kalos league easy with level 50 D-Dance Gyarados...
You can basically beat ORAS with
I think you can also solo with Aegislash in Kalos too.
You can beat any game with any Pokemon if you grind enough.