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I've been trying to evolve my Gabite since level 24. I just need help with it because I've done A lot of stuff to evolve it, so if you have a suggestion or an answer, please comment below.

You could do a pickup Pokémon for rare candy.

You could also throw it in the daycare.

Fighting trainers with ponyta via VS seeker also give lots of EXP

You can do daily rematches in the double cafe

Source: I did an oak challenge
Leave it in the daycare and just bike up and down for an hour. It won't evolve in the day care so you have to be careful and take it out when you think it might lvel up

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Considering it evolves in five levels, I would say just go to the E4, give it an Exp. Share and go to town with your other Pokemon. It should gain a level after, at the very most, every three Pokemon you defeat.

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