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I did just beat Maylene, so far my team is:

Nice team so far, plenty of different types.

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You have covered...

  • Fire/Fighting
  • Normal/Flying
  • Electric/Dark
  • Grass/Poison
  • Water/Ice
    Note: Most people teach Dark or Ice type moves to certain Pokemon to cover certain types (e.g., Luxray is great with Crunch & Floatzel is great with Ice Beam/Fang.)

I recommend these two Pokemon.

Gible -----> Garchomp (Wayward Cave)

Reccommended Moves

Earthquake - Wayward Cave
Dragon Claw - Level Up
Strength, Rock Smash or Cut - HMs need to help you beat the main story of Pokemon Diamond

Bronzor -----> Bronzong (Wayward Cave)

Reccommended Moves

Earthquake - Wayward Cave
Flash Cannon - After Byron is Beaten
Extrasensory / Psychic - Level Up / Route on the left side of Celestic Town (Use Rock Climb)
Flash - Deep in Oreburgh Gate or Just buy it at the Poke Mart at Veilstone City

Either one may help you on your journey,

Hope it helped.

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I would recommend catching a Gible and then training it into a Garchomp as it would serve as a major powerhouse in your teams.
Gible can be caught at Wayward cave between the levels 17 and 20
There is a good 20% chance of finding one so it shouldn't take that long. Besides this Garchomp would be a very nice edition to nearly any team. It has great power and speed.
Once you catch it and train it into a Garchomp it will make battles a lot easier as not many Pokemon can take a hit or 2 from Garchomp
It evolves quite easily in my opinion as it is already a Gabite at lv.24 and a Garchomp at lv.48 and since you are relatively far enough in the game, it shouldn't take that long to evolve it
Besides all these great features it also has access to many powerful TMs such as Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Brick Break and so on and so on. It also learns great moves when it levels up. Not that I recommend that yu do it but it can take on the entire E4 with relative ease as it can kill the bugs with sStone Edge/Fire Fang/Flamethrower/Fire Blast, 2HKO Bertha with Earthquake, finish Flint with Earthquake, Crunch Lucian out of the way and put up a good fight with Cynthia, however it will most likely need the support of your other great Pokemon and I think you would prefer using all of your Pokemon :)
I could go on and on and keep giving you many reasons why to get a Garchomp inyour party, but I think this information is enough :P

Imma upvote cuz I was thinking of a ground type he could use.
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Hello!? Fire and Fighting was covered already.
yes but a good Pokemon doesn't always need to cover another type. Besides this, it is better to have ane Pokemon that can cover 5 types then 5 Pokemon that can cover 5 types.