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Feeling a bit nostalgic and restarting Crystal. My team is somewhere around twenty eight-ish, with water, flying, psychic, and normal types. I'm at the Ecruteak-Mahogany-Olivine area of Johto - where is a good place to train up my Pokemon?
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(I know my team sucks, but don't criticize a Coordinator, 'kay?)

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Well,there aren't very many options of good training areas at that point of the game.I would say train on the routes between those areas or in that cave between Mahogany and Ekruteak.Sorry if i misspelled Ekruteak

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If your Pokemon are Level 28-ish and you're at that point, you should actually be perfectly fine! If anything, I suggest training in Route 38, or if you've passed that area, the sea route on the way to Cianwood will do the trick - the Tentacruel there give a considerable amount of exp! I am also playing through Crystal, and I just beat Jasmine; my levels are lv 26 (Heracross), 3 lv 27 (Bayleef, Quagsire, Flareon), and a lv 31 (Crobat) and I'm doing perfectly fine! This is a late answer, but just for the other people looking!


P.S. Kudos for using Xatu, it's one of my personal favorite Pokemon and I think it's highly underrated.

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