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right now on my heart gold version, my team consists of
croconaw, level 22, nicknamed 'schnappi'
flaaffy, level 22, nicknamed 'stinkabod'
pidgeotto, level 22, nicknamed 'birb'
and I wanna get them to about level 30 to 35.
ive already beaten whitney (wasnt that frustrating lol)
i also have about 12324 money in the game and I need alot more
if this gets answered, ill be mUcH obLiGeD
also I need some team ideas :)

Yeah, Whitney wasn't frustrating for me too.
Replace Pidgeotto with Fearow. The Fearow you get from Webster gets boosted experience.

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Route 38 and Route 39 and the Olivine city lighthouse. The team suggestions should be a different question.