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When I first challenged the Elite Four in FireRed, my Pokemon were at least ten levels below the Elite Four's Pokemon and fifteen below Blue's Pokemon. Where can I go/what can I do to make my team stronger?

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You can battle wild Pokemon in Victory Road.
If my memory is correct, to beat the Elite Four in FireRed, I just leveled up my Pokemon by fighting the Elite Four. It both gave me a chance to level up my Pokemon to prepare for the fight in which I actually plan to beat them, and also gives you a chance to beat them while training. (Which I think I did.) The only downside is that you could end up losing a lot of money, so if that's a major concern, you're better off just fighting Pokemon in Victory Road. Also, you could save money doing it by not using any healing/reviving items and saving them so you don't have to buy more for the battles that come after you're done training. However, I'd suggest that you start using them if you unexpectedly do really well.
He said his Pokemon were about ten levels underleveled, so he should probably try Victory Road first.
One of my favorite places to train in LeafGreen is on Route 11 via rematches. I've found that standing here ( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/KRLW890/krlw890.github.io/master/pkdb-answers/Pokemon_FRLG_Route11.png ) and waiting for the one kid to walk onscreen gets you a maximum of five trainers in one use of the VS Seeker. Then once you've battled all the ones that want a rematch, head on over to Vermilion City's Pokémon Center to heal and recharge the VS Seeker and repeat.

Another good place to train with the VS Seeker is Route 8, where you can also get a maximum of five trainers by standing so that these five trainers ( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/KRLW890/krlw890.github.io/master/pkdb-answers/Pokemon_FRLG_Route8.png ) (twins count as one) are visible when the Seeker is activated.

To be perfectly honest, it might not even be as good as Victory Road like what other people have been suggesting, but if you're anything like me, and find wild Pokémon much more boring to fight than actual trainers, then here you go.

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This, for me, is the easiest and most efficient method in FRLG:

If you have finished EV training your Pokémon and just want to level them up faster, I suggest you go to Vermillion City and ride the ferry to One Island then head along Kindle Road and use the VS Seeker to repeatedly challenge the Black Belt trainers near Ember Spa. Each of their Pokémon will be at least level 37/39 each so it gives more exp. After defeating all rematches, head inside Ember Spa and heal your Pokémon. By the time you head back outside past the running Black Belt trainers, the VS Seeker will have then become fully charged for another rematch call. Repeat the process until you've brought your Pokémon to the level you desire. At least level 70 for each of your team would probably make the Elite Four as easy as Nugget Bridge in Cerulean City.

Plus, it gives you a lot of cash if you let your first Pokémon hold an Amulet Coin. But an Exp Share or Lucky Egg would increase the rate of leveling up faster.

P.S. The levels of the Pokémon the Black Belt trainers use increase and the Machops/Machokes will have then evolved into Machokes/Machamps respectively after you beat the Elite Four.

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There is various places and methods, however the easiest and fastest is defeating wild Pokemon in the victory road, like the other guys already stated.

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As of 2022, this is what I believe is the most efficient way to farm EXP pre-E4.
Just past the Karate trainers on One Island, before reaching Mt. Ember, there are two trainers — a Swimmer in the water and a Fisherman on a small island. The Swimmer has two Seadra and the Fisherman has 2 Goldeen and 3 Seaking. Between the two trainers, you can get a whopping 7700+ total EXP per rematch which will guarantee at least one level up to 50 for most Pokémon. You can also Surf back to the Ember Spa to heal your Pokémon nearly as quickly as with the Karate trainers.
The money they give is not much but I have not found a better farm. Honourable mention would be rematching the Biker Gang at the top of the bike trail outside of Celedon, you can receive approximate 4k+ EXP there.

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