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I need money


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The best place to get money is to get money on Soulsilver is the Pokemon League, with the help of an Amulet Coin.

Just attach the coin to one of your Pokemon, and go through the League a couple times. I remember raking in at least 80000 dollars in these 30 minutes.

God forbid if someone had a pokemon that knew payday too...
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And if you really don't feel like going trough the Elite Four for whatever reason, you can always call up Gym leaders, and fight them again. Along with Amulet Coin, each gym leader is about 13000-15000 ish. Besides Blue, which is a lot more.

I also faintly remember something about someone that appears in an underground tunnel in Goldenrod that only appears on certain days, that sells the items that are worth a lot to you, for less than their worth.
ex. Nugget / But I don't remember what day, if you took the time you could make profit.

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You should give amulet coin or luck incense to a pokemon and go beat lance and he will give you 30000$!!!