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(To confirm, I am new, and so I'm bound to break at least ONE of the rules xD I have read the rules, so sorry if I break one of them.)

Well, in HGSS I have been trying to beat the Elite Four. Mostly, I get defeated by Karen, or Lance. I feel it is because of the lack of Revives and Hyper Potions I take possession of.

I have looked all over the internet to find an answer to this question however the only answer I get is to defeat the Elite Four multiple times, but that's a little bit of a dud-answer in my situation, isn't it?

I'll say all the things I need to say.

Focused-On Healing Items -- Revive x20, Hyper Potion x15

Possessed Money -- ¥ 17,371
Mum-Possessed Money -- ¥ 12,281

Ampharos Lv.45 Male
152 HP
Signal Beam, Rock Smash, Hyper Beam, Thunder

Politoed Lv. 44 Male
138 HP
Surf, Dig, Focus Punch, Blizzard

Togetic Lv.45 Male
111 HP
Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Fly, Fire Blast

Misdreavus Lv. 45 Female
123 HP
Thunder, Shadow Ball, Perish Song, Payback

Meganium Lv. 45 Male (Item: Miracle Seed)
136 HP
Iron Tail, Frenzy Plant, Earthquake, Strength

Flareon Lv. 45 Male
121 HP
Fire Fang, Fire Blast, Quick Attack, Bite

My Pokemon seem fine, I think. I'm not willing to level them up any more, as there are like no high standard training sources anywhere on the game.

Is there a way to try to defeat the Elite Four?
Do I need more money from Mum? Do I need to train my Pokemon more?
All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)


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Jofly is totally correct. As for your problem with Karen, your ampharos should normally be able to handle her, if you keep using signal beam of course. Keep in mind that your togetic can deal with her gengar very easily and can probably OHKO, 2HKO or 3HKO her gengar. And if you have a shiny stone, I recommend that you evolve your togetic now, since double edge won't do as much damage as you hoped for with a togetic since it has a ridiculous attack stat, but yet a very decent special attack stat. When you evolve it using the shiny stone, then I can assure you that beating Karen with a togekiss will be much easier. With it's massive special attack and it's awesome special defense and it's good defense stat, it will not be that eay to knowck it out. If you have a dusk stone then you should probably also eavolve misdreavus into mismagius. Mismagius has a huge special attack, special defense and speed stat. With this skilful and agile sorcerer Lance and Karen should really watch out. Lance's aerodactyl, gyarados, charizard will all be hit superffectivly with the might thunder(just pray that it hits, thunderbolt has a better accuracy so I recommend thunderbolt instead of thunder. His three dragonite should also watch out for thunder, because it will not be supereffective but it will hit really hard.

This should normally get you through Karen and Lance.
Good luck

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note*: togetic learns double edge at level 46)not worth it)
          It can only really handle gengar with shadow ball and extrasensory.
Heh Heh, thanks. :)

For some reason Ampharos keeps on fainting, but I do use Signal Beam continuously.
I never thought of using Togetic when at Karen, it was ineffective to Ghost. Silly me. xD

Oh, and I have a thing with not evolving Misdreavus. Mismagius just looks weird. (I know, I'm not a competitive Pokemon player. xD)

Great response, thank you very much.
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Equip your Pokemon with a Luck Incense or Amulet Coin. If the Pokemon you equipped with either of these items comes out during a trainer's battle, your money that you win after the battle is doubled.

Although you can't get Luck Incense until you beat the Elite Four and end up in Kanto. Your best bet is the Amulet Coin that you get in Johto.

If you can't find one, then collect nuggets using the Dowsing Machine.

I got much more money equipping my Pokemon with a Amulet Coin and sending it to battle a trainer. From winning $500 to $1000.


I have considered the trainers, however I just thought it was really hard to do. I couldn't get any trainer response really, which was annoying :( I'll go into that more.

As for the Dowsing Machine finding Nuggets, that was a great idea. Thank you very much. :)
Great response. Thank you. :)