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Kind of bankrupt and would like some creative ways to rake in some income.

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Steal nuggets off Garbodor. They hold them.
Oops....Well, Beat the Sh*t out of the elite 4 a few times.
Sell nuggets if you have any

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It depends what game you're in. You can go underground on Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and get loads of items like stones then sell them do pokemon leuge over and over again.

HeartGold/SoulSilver, if not already, use mum's savings makes sure you don't run out. Sell items like nuggets and rare bones. Do pokemon leauge you get like £10,000 each battle.

Black/White, sell items to guy in poke center in i think its either the ice place forgot name or dragon place. Also forgot name (basically last to gyms) he buys your items for like twice the amount anyone else does. Do pokemon league. Dive down to the caves to get all of the items, sell them for around 10,000 a piece (only after pokemon league sell to the person in the mansion).

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it says soulsilver in the tags
so it does :D
But that pretty much is the only way to make money, just battle a bunch of trainers (of course holding Amulet Coin or Luck Incense is a huge help), and sell anything that is worth money that you have in your bag!
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Use Amulet Coin and battle the E4 many times. Catch a Meowth/Persian and use Pay Day a lot. Also sell a bunch of your things for tons of money. You can rematch gym leaders for more money.

you can rematch gym leaders? you just go to the gym and you battle them again?
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if you have HGSS then get the amulet coin and remach a gym leader like chuck you can remach him on wedensday night get his phone number via his wife outside the gym