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I know that 25% of your prize money goes to her, but does she actually spend it on the items she sends you, or does the game not account for that at all?

It sounds like she does spend the players money in Gold and Silver, I don't know about Heart Gold and Soul Silver though.

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She doesn't actually spend any money. I'm pretty sure of this.

Source: Observations while playing the game.

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Thanks. Did you manage to double check?
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Occasionally, your mother will dip into your own savings and purchase you an item. Unlike in Gold, Silver & Crystal, the items you get are all standard items and most are actually useful. Unfortunately, room decoration is not in this game. She will call you up whenever she makes a purchase so you know to go and collect the items.

>To collect the items she purchases, just go to any PokéMart and meet up with the delivery man in red. He will give you these items. He can only handle five items at any one time so once he reaches five items, if you have not collected them, then your mother will stop spending your money.-Serbeii

So, yes , she does spend your savings

Source: Above Link

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She buys stuff yes. But I checked my savings account after she bought something and my money was the same as before. I will go check like right now but I'm pretty sure of this.