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I`m running low on cash and I need to buy ultraballs to catch legendries....

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I'm gonna list some ways to make money. You probably know most them, but yeah.


Extremely obvious, but let's face it, most of our money comes from defeating them.

Gyms/ Re-Matches

Gym battles give you more money than Trainer Battles, and Re-Matches get you even more.

Sell Items

Selling items such as:
•Star Piece
•Big Pearl
Items that you don't need can be sold at the Pokémart, however, they do not accept Key Items.


Use Theif on Clamperl when diving. There is a 5% chance for it to have a Pearl, and these sell for quite a large price.

Elite Four

The Elite Four get you the most money out of all the 'Trainers'. Pair this up with an Amulet Coin and you'll be swimming in cash! Well.. Not exactly swimming but you get what I mean. :P

Amulet Coin

The Amulet Coin doubles the amount of money that gets rewarded for battles if the Pokemon holding it is in battle. If you use this frequently with Trainers, Gyms, E4, etc. then you should get a fair amount of cash.

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This is assuming you've beaten the game, and your catching post-game legendaries.
From the helpful void that is the internet:

  • On Route 129, dive down and use Thief on Clamperl. There is a five percent chance that Clamperl has a Pearl, and Pearls sell for quite a lot. With the DexNav-found Clamperls, they can hold Big Pearls for the same chance!
  • Elite Four, of course.
  • Thank god for the Trainer Rematch system! Rich Kid NPCs or NPCs similar to that title give lots of money if you beat them in a battle, so you should rebattle them.
  • Of course, in rebattling trainers use the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense to increase your winnings.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/792672-pokemon-alpha-sapphire/70660994
Source: http://gearnuke.com/pokemon-oras-tip-get-easy-money

I'd change clamperl part a bit to dex nav having a 5% chance of finding a big pearl instead of the 5% chance of a regular pearl
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Compound Eyes can increase the item hold chance greatly..... (For the Clampearl)
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Defeat the E4

Wreck the E4 with your Pokemon's holding an Amulet Coin. With Prize Money O-Powers this will give you a fair sum money.

Or :
Grab a Meowth/Persian with Pay Day. Meowth learns Pay Day at level 30. So don't evolve it.
Go to the E4 grab a Focus Sash on Meowth on put in front of the party when battling one of the Champion's highest level Pokemon.
Whatever the Champion's Pokemon does use Pay Day. Unless it inflicts a Status Condition on Meowth heal it.
Say you have used Pay Day and Meowth is hanging onto its Focus Sash.
Switch Meowth in for a Pokemon that does not need to gain any experience points. (So the whole EXP batch will go to Meowth.)

Meowth will probably level up quite a bit.
The defeat the Champion and have Pokemon with an Amulet Coin taking part. With Pay Day and the Coin.
That's a pretty big sum of money.

If you're wondering why :

If the user levels up as a result of the battle, the amount of money
is calculated based on the new level, not the level at which the move
was used.

This Video will help