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I need so much help right now, because I'm only hatching about 20 eggs per hour. Please give suggestions on breeding a shiny Beldum fast!


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Beldum would breed the same as any other pokémon (other than the time to get it to hatch), so there is no way to get a shiny faster.

A good idea would be to go to the daycare at the battle resort, get 5 eggs, then cycle around the resort in a circle. This is easier because you can just dodge some obstacles, and keep cycling without any sharp turns. In fact, there is a certain spot where you can just keep holding up the controller and you'll automatically go in a circle. Basically, get 5 Pokemon, cycle until you hatch them, drop them off in the PC and grab a new egg (there should be a new one ready by the time you finish cycling).

Having a pokémon with Flame Body or Magma Armour will make all eggs hatch twice as fast, so that would be a great idea since you said you arent hatching a lot of eggs. I suggest Slugma, since it is easy to obtain, and both its abilities other than the hidden one are able to help hatch eggs. You can find it on the Fiery Path in ORAS with a 50% chance of encounter. You should have Slugma and five eggs in your party when shiny hunting.

Masuda's Method is a must-have for any shiny-breeders. Take a foreign ditto and breed it with your beldum to get better shiny chances. Here you can find out more, since I don't want to take too much space going into detail. Lots of websites have excellent explainations and a simple google can help you.

Use the Hatching O-Power. By using it more often, it also levels up, so the O-power will be pretty helpful for when your eggs take forever to hatch.

Use the shiny charm or oval charm. These can be obtained by talking to professor Birch after completing the National and Hoenn pokédexes. Shiny charm stacks with masudas method.

These are some helpful tips that make shiny breeding less of a headache. This guide is also great, but it is for XY so you might not be able to do some of the things it listed.

Edit: Forgot sources x3. They are:
-The links already provided
-Flame Body Info
-Magma Armour Info
-Fiery Path
-How Hatching O-Power Works
-Shiny Charm
-Oval Charm
-My own experience :3

Good luck getting a shiny!

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I only have Hatching O-Power Lvl.2 and a Flame Body Volcarona, but it still takes a while hatching the eggs.

Note: I run 30 laps around my house before I start playing my game. It is worth it.
Thats probably since beldum has an egg cycle of 41, meaning you need to take at least 10445 steps (without any o-powers, pokemon, etc) to hatch an egg. To get o-power lv 3 you need to use o-power lv2 30 times. The lv3 is worth it though, because you get 2x less steps.
What I said was about the pedometer in StreetPass. The more steps you take per day, the faster the O-Powers recharge.
Yea i know, i was just stating that it takes a long time to hatch because you need so many game steps
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Shiny Pokemon are very hard to get and there is a small amount of ways you can improve your chances of hatching one from an egg but there are some:

  • Random breeding: You have a chance to get a shiny, but you most likely won't.

  • Masuda Method: Breed a Pokemon from a country with a different language with a Pokemon from your country and your chances of the Pokemon hatching from the egg being shiny will be improved.

How to hatch eggs faster:
Hatching eggs faster can help a lot in while you are trying to hatch a shiny egg because you can get eggs out of your party faster for new eggs.

  • Flame Body or Magma Armor: These abilities will help your eggs hatch 2x faster, have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor in your party for it to take effect.
  • O-Powers: Use hatching O-Power lv.3 for your eggs to hatch faster, combine this with flame body and your eggs will hatch pretty fast.
  • Oval Charm: This does not help you hatch eggs, but it does help eggs appear in the daycare faster. You get it from Prof. Birch after seeing all of the Pokemon in the Hoenn Pokedex.

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