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Since my brother and I are having trouble capturing Entei, I wanted to know what it's speed stat is. If it's more than 100, I think I'll tell him to use Fast Balls, but if not, the normal Poke, Great, and Ultra Balls.


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Entei's BASE speed is 100.

The actual stat at level 40 can range from 76 to 106 depending on nature and IVs.

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At Level 40, an Entei with 0 IVs and a hindering nature has an 76 Speed stat.
However, with 31 IVs and a benificial nature, it will have a 106 Speed stat.
So Entei would have a Speed between 76-106.
It's advisable that you don't use Fast Balls on it.

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Quick balls are the way to go.