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  • Including Nature Speed boost
  • Not Including Choice Scarf
  • Not Including any Boosts from Agility etc.
This is for my Scarf Heatran's EVs, who will be designed to outspeed everything in OU, while still being Bulky. By this, I mean giving just enough Speed to outspped the fastest Timid/Jolly Pokemon out there, and using the remaining EVs in HP. (And that surely has to be really fast, right?)

A moveset for this will not be necessary.
Thx to both of you! :)

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Ninjask is the fastest Pokemon that is allowed in OU. With a positive nature and maxed speed Evs Ninjask has 460 speed.

The fastest OU Pokemon is Jolteon. Witha positive nature and maxed speed Evs Jolteon has 394 speed.

There are a lot of scarfers who outspeed those two Pokemon. Ninjask has Speed Boost which is very useful.


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Jolteon is the answer, hitting 394 Speed. Heatran. Running 196 Speed EVs with a Timid Nature ensures you outspeed Jolteon with a Scarf.

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