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I want a fast/tank Pokemon that can learn a Stat Resetting move just to make sure I don't have to worry about those cheeky Clefables, so I want to know the fastest/tankiest Pokemon that can learn stat eliminating moves such as Haze, Clear Smog, ect. If you know then thanks a lot. I know Toxapex is a very Tanky Pokemon for both attack and special attack, but let me know if there's Pokemon probably EVEN Tankier then Toxapex, any answer will help, again, thx.

What format do you want to play?

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Haze users:

the fastest-> crobat (even pretty bulky if you want and poison type), murkrow with it's hidden ability prankster (and pretty bulky with eviolite but weak to clefable)
the bulkiest-> weezing, politoed, milotic, dusclops (with eviolite), cofagrigus and as you said toxapex.

Clear Smog users:
the fastest-> gengar and nihilego (great for special defense)
the bulkiest-> amoonguss and wailord, even if I don't like wailord for stat resetting.

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You forgot the force switching moves.
But all the force switching moves have negative priority, so it's probably not what they're looking for with a fast tank
He was also looking for bulky tanks, and Pokemon can definitely play that role while knowing a force switching move.
I don't think that's the case, he asked for Stat resetting moves to stop a clefable set up, forced switching moves had the side effect of resetting stats but that's not resolve the clefable problem. The way I saw that is to reset clefable's stats and possibly kill it, roaring it out doesn't resolve the problem.
Other options in this space include Spectral Thief (Marshadow's exclusive move), which steals their stat boosts for yourself and then deals damage; Heart Swap (limited to Manaphy, Magearna, and Smeargle), which trades your stat boosts with theirs--if you're not doing any boosting of your own then it's basically just Spectral Thief without the damage; or Topsy-Turvy (Malamar and Smeargle only), which turns their stat boosts into negative stat boosts. Topsy-Turvy isn't really the best choice here, but Manaphy has serviceable speed to use Heart Swap, and certainly Marshadow is pretty fast if you're in an environment that allows you to use that.
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>tapu fini. fini has some great bulk, however base 85 speed isn't the best but it can outspeed a few mons in fact I was gonna put dragonite instead but it has a base 80 speed. fini also has good support moves such as taunt and defog.

clear smog is an option but most mons that get it are pretty awful. moves like dragon tail an whirlwind are an option especially if you have a sash so you can survive say a +4 attack.
>other mons you could use: tentacrule, dragonite, xatu , milotic,
imo tapu fini is the best option it can even setup misty terrain to stop toxic/wisp
hope this helped!