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I need one, I'm looking for one, help me find one :3
This is OU, so I can't use Ubers, and I don't want Sucker Punch.

If this counts, Fake Out users are actually the winners :) I think Ambipom is fastest.
lol yush XD
Nvm Weavile xD

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I think Dugtrio is the fastest with base 120 Speed and Sucker Punch as priority.
You can always run Extremespeed on Genesect/Arcanine/Dragonite/Entei to bypass their lower speed and other priorities :D

Edit: Weavile is the fastest with Ice Shard and base 125 Speed and the Three Musketeers + Keldeo + Infernape all have base 108 and Quick Attack/Aqua Jet/Mach Punch

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I edited my question. Either way, I like your Arcanine or Dragonite suggestion, I'll try that out :)
Oh wow thanks :D