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Both Breloom and Cloyster have identical base speed stats. In the the event of both having a jolly nature and max speed investment, which would go first? If Breloom were to move first, it could spore it, allowing it to set up or deal with Cloyster however it liked. If Cloyster were to to move first it would likely KO Breloom with Icicle spear. Both have super effective priority moves but both would likely survive a hit. Besides which, if both used their respective priority moves at the same time, a speed tie would still ensue.
Either one could beat the other if it moved first, which is of course why speed is so crucial. Are speed ties like this resolved on a coin toss, 50-50 chance sort of way, or is it something as simple as whoever sent out theirs first would go first? If theres some sure way that one of these Pokemon could outspeed the other at +0 speed and without a choice scarf, could you let me know?


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I see. thanks. hate it when stuff like that's decided on a coin toss. though i suppose the pokemon's iv's would maybe swing it.