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If I use Trick Room, will my Dusknoir still go first while using Shadow Sneak?


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Yes it will providing your Dusknoir is slower than your opponent.

If two Pokémon use a priority move at the same time under the effect's of Trick Room, the slower Pokemon will go first. For example if a Staraptor used Quick Attack and your Dusknoir used Shadow Sneak, Dusknoir would go first.

Source: Experience

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>Not all of Trick Room's problems can be fixed with Taunt, however. Priority attacks are a huge threat to Trick Room teams, as they retain their priority even under the field effect. Mach Punch, Shadow Sneak, or a well timed Sucker Punch can spell disaster for one of your sweepers.

So yeah, in Generation V priority moves remain a huge threat. Watch out! :o

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