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If I find myself against yet another gale wings Talonflame, I'm going to scream. In trick room, if two Pokemon use moves of equal priority, does the slowest Pokemon go first?


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Yes. The slower Pokemon will go first. For example, if a Talonflame uses Brave Bird, and a Conkeldurr uses Mach Punch, Conkeldurr will go before Talonflame (assuming Conk has lower speed).

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Conk really should have lower speed, or you're doing something wrong :P
It could have a Choice Scarf and max speed while Talonflame has minimum speed :D?
I feel the need to test that now.
Baton Pass max speed to it, while it is holding a Choice Scarf with 252 EV's and 31 IV's in speed compared to a paralyzed, speed at -6 stages holding iron ball and 0 IV's and EV's in speed, and just see, how much faster can a conkeldurr be than a talonflame.