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The description says it works best on Pokemon that are fast or quick to flee, but what does this mean?
Roaming Pokemon?
Pokemon with high speed?
Or is it like a quick ball in that it works best on the first turn?


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In Gen 2, it is supposed to be 4x more effective on Pokémon with a chance to flee, but due to a glitch, only applies to Tangela, Magnemite, and Grimer (all of which have a 10% chance to flee every turn).

In Gens 4+, it has a 4x increased catch rate on any Pokémon with a base speed of 100 or more, except Ultra Beasts, which always have a 0.1x rate.


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The fast ball makes Pokemon that have a high speed easy to catch, but it also allows you to catch Pokemon like abra that may run / teleport. This ball is useful when catching electric types since they have quite a high speed stat.