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so, apperently, in gold, silver and crystal, a fast ball works 4x on magnemite, tangela, and grimer, but 1x on every other Pokemon. its description says it works best on Pokemon able to flee, but I'm pretty sure they cant flee. so, whats up with this?


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>4× if used on Magnemite, Grimer, or Tangela (GSC)
4× if used on a Pokémon with a base Speed of at least 100 (HGSS)
1× otherwise

The Fast Ball causes some controversy as the game description of the ball tells you it will work on Pokemon that can flee from battle. However, in the game's coding it only works on three Pokemon - Magnemite, Tangela and Grimer.

In HGSS the Fast Ball will be 4x capture rate if the capture target has a base speed stat of over 100.

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i just dont get why it works so well on magnemite, grimer, and tangela
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It was likely intended in Generation II that a Fast Ball would have an increased catch rate when used on any of these Pokémon; however, due to a glitch, the increased catch rate only applies to Magnemite, Grimer, and Tangela.

So it was a glitch that made that happen. Hope I helped! :) Source