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Ok so check this out, Arceus is god of the Pokemon Universe. Awesome!
But wait, Arceus is one (If not the) of the strongest legendary Pokemon there are-and can't learn every move!

Mew can learn every HM/TM there is, and so can Smeargle (To some extent), which is admittedly cool....but why can't the god of the Poke Universe be taught any and all moves?

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Maybe because even though all Pokemon were created by Arceus, not all moves were created by him.
Let's take a real life example: God made humans, but God didn't make cars, guns. buildings etc. these were all made by humans. Similarly in Pokemon there's a chance that many moves (like Octazooka, Volt Tackle, Transform, Sketch) were all originally developed by the particular Pokemon, and not gifted to them by Arceus.

Then again, all theory, there's a million more possibilities out there.

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I take a bit of religious offense to this answer and also say it is wrong. GOD created cars, guns, etc. not humans. The creation of these items were predestined by God. Therefore  the moves used by Pokemon were predestined by the creator of said Pokemon, Arceus. So it would indeed make sense for Arceus, the creator of all moves, to be able to use the moves it created.
Well... beliefs vary from human to human.
There is no actual answer, but I take it as though God provides foundation, man does the moulding of it.
Then that could be interpreted as Arceus created some alpha moves, pokemon like Smeargle used those as the base for their own moves, while pokemon like Mewtwo and the Porygon chain, who were not created by Arceus at all, developed their own alpha moves.

Rest assured, i mean no religious offense with whatever I wrote there, and I'm sorry if I did.
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  1. NEW MOVES: In every generation there are more moves introduced, possibly an evolution of Pokemon moves and the fact that Arceus was one of the first Pokemon suggests that only the oldest moves [the original moves] were available to it. __ Arceus does learn some new moves introduced after genration IV but not every move. I theorise that Arceus has the potential to learn every move but has only learnt the ones it has because it only wanted to learn those moves or only learns the moves it witnesses first-hand.
  2. OVERPOWERED: If Arceus new every move in the games then it would be completely overpowered. You can catch legendaries in the game with ultraballs and some are less powerful than other Pokemon (Huge Power Diggersby is stronger than Groundon). If Legendaries were as strong and versatile as they are in the anime then the games would be unbelievably flawed, especially in competitive battling. Any normal Pokemon that competed in the uber tier - even those in that tier anyway - like speed-boost Blaziken - would be destroyed!
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There is not anything wrong with arceas. I have to admit that is very odd but, that's how Nintendo designed Pokemon

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Arceus is the god of the universe in the anime, not the games, so it doesn't learn every single move in the games. Hope I helped!

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