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you all know about the deoxys event that starts tomorrow, right?
i dont even see how this is possible.

p.s. if anyone has a question about the deoxys, post it in comments and I will answer you.

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It is already the 8th in Australia, so that may have something to do with this.
its the 7th over here

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Well, Japan is at least 19 hours ahead of any place in North America excluding Alaska (Time zones)

So if you checked mistery gift any time today after around 6am (depending on where you live in N.A.) It was probably the 8th in Japan already.

For people in Europe, If you checked at about 4pm (depending on where you live) it was also probably the 8th in Japan.

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Timezones -.-

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The answer is because all English-language games contact the same server to check for Mystery Gift. So when it's open for Australian users, it's open for everyone.

In the end it makes no difference to you. You can get the game on the 8th wherever you live.

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