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In my White Version 2, I got N's Zorua. Well, that's okay, but for some reason, when I throw it in the world tournament it doesn't use Illusion. I now understand why (it doesn't have a Pokemon after it in my team so it can't use Illusion), but it sparkles like it's shiny or something. I've looked and it's definitely NOT shiny. I'm REALLY confused.



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It sparkes beacuse it is one of N's Pokemon.All of N's Pokemon sparkle.

Upon encountering one of N's Pokémon, the game will notify by showing a sprite entry animation that is similar to the Shiny Pokémon sprite, but instead has its own sound and the Pokémon is surrounded by green and yellow diamond lights.



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Illusion only works if a Pokemon is able to fight which is in the 6th place of your party and that Pokemon must not be another Zoura.

Here is the link for illusion if I didn't fully answer: http://pokemondb.net/ability/illusion

i think he asks why does Zorua sparkle.
from experience with N's Zorua on my copy of black 2, Zorua sparkles when either the 6th pokemon is fainted or is out in battle (if it is a double or tripple battle)