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When I went on the ferris wheel, N was there. Normal, right?
Well, he talked like Cheren and when he was on the ferris wheel, with me, looked like Cheren.
I'm pretty sure Cheren doesn't even ride the ferris wheel, but I could be wrong.
Someone help me, and whoever does, thank you in advance!

Are you saying that N was sharing the same dialogue as what Cheren would say if you saw him on the Friday? And when you were on the ferris wheel, instead of N's overworld sprite there was Cheren's? So, it's like the overworld sprites were mixed up in the code?
If I'm right, that is an incredibly strange glitch.

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>In Nimbasa City, you will discover the Ferris Wheel. Outside the Ferris Wheel, after you have beaten the Nimbasa Gym, you will find a new trainer outside it every now and then. They will challenge you to a battle and then go up on the Ferris Wheel with you.. Sometimes, there won't be a trainer to battle, but it will be an important character such as Bianca, Cheren or your rival. The people you face change depending on your gender and the season

>When you have defeated the Elite Four, you will encounter your rival on Tuesday, Bianca on Wednesday, N on Friday and Cheren on Saturday

Cheren does appear at the Ferris Wheel; you simply went there on a Saturday.

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That doesn't really explain n transforming into cheren.
But thanks for the other answer! +1!
Because N /DIDN'T/ transform into Cheren. You went there on a Saturday and saw Cheren because he was meant to be there, not N. N's meant to be there on a Friday.