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After beating N and Ghetsis in the Team Plasma castle, is there any point to battle them again in the game?

Also, after returning "Home", Cheren says something like "Let's battle if we meet up again." Is there a point where he'll challenge you later in the game like your Rival does at the Elite Four Gate in HG/SS? Bianca is at her home (can't battle her) if you go back and look, but Cheren's not at his.

Or is that series of battles after the Elite 4 (first time) the last you see of any of the 3 of them?

Good question, l miss the Team Plasma battle music!
You can battle Bianca at the pokelab on saturdays and sundays, and Cheren is at the very to of the victory road(you ccan only battle him once a day

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Nope, you don't ever battle N or Ghetsis again. But you can Rematch Cheren and Bianca. You can Battle Cheren at the Victory Road after you see him in Route 5. You can Battle Bianca at the Pokemon Lab. You can only battle her at Saturday and Sunday only and once a day with Cheren. Hope this helps...

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First things first , you can battle cheren once a day on Victory Road 7f. You can never see Ghetsis again and to find out about N,you have to do a little bit of legwork.let me explain.

You know when you beat the game and looker asks you to find the seven sages right? well you have to find all 7 sages(excluding Ghetsis) and when looker arrests the 6th(you can get them in any order) he will tell you about an eyewitnesses report about a person matching N's description and a Dragon pokemon somewhere very far away.

You also can battle Bianca anytime after you beat the game

contact me if you want to know the location s of the remaining 6 sages

                       HOPES THIS HELPS!!!
Thank you for the answers, really a lot of help.

My only question left is this. I've caught the remaining 6 sages, but what is Looker referring to when he says that there's an eyewitness account of N somewhere far away?

Thanks again.
Probably an intro to a special region of Unova in the third game in the set (Grey version?).

You can only catch 6 of the 7 sages, because Ghetsis, the 7th, disappears and you can't find him again.
What does n's descrition have to do with finding him or zekrom
I think you can battle N after the challenge as him being the champion. I think its "Royal Unova" in castelia city that u find N at