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Is it post game, or right before the E4, when, because I'm kinda scared of them, also, Alder is extremely scary, he has the highest leveled Pokemon out of any Champion, all in the 70s! I may want to consider B2, as Iris has more on par with the E4 guys, upper 50s. Would this be a good choice?


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You battle N and Ghetsis after you beat the E4.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/N
Also Alder is post game. He is battled after N if defeated because N beat Alder, you beat him, but Alder reclaimed champion. As long as you grind enough Alder won't be a problem. Both games are good choices though. N is first, then Ghetsis interferes.

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So do you not fight a Champion then? Just the E4?
I mean in-game.
Oh, you mean, Ghetsis is basically the equivelent of a Champion? Okay. Thanks!
N was the champion because he beat Alder, you beat N but Ghetsis interferes, so yeah Ghetsis is equivalent to a chanpion