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I was wondering why they haven't introduced Cheren yet, but they have only Bianca in the anime? 0_0

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Probably in the pokemon unova league or at the battle house or when Team plasma is introduced

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Maybe because Cheren was just a character in the game, not in the anime! Sometimes they do that.

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WRONG! Cheren HAS shown up already. check out THIS link: http://pokemonepisode.org/episode-772-theres-a-new-gym-leader-in-town/. it is the episode w/ Cheren in it. the ENGLISH episode.
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Okay,so Cheren is going to make his anime appearance.

The Japanese magazine Dengeki has revealed a new episode title for an
upcoming episode. This episode features Ash & Co. arriving in Aspertia
City and meeting up with the new Gym Leader there, Cheren. It is due
to air on January 31st 2013 Episode 772: The New Gym Leader Cheren!

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actually, Cheren has shown up in one of the most RECENT B/W Adventures in Unova episodes. It's called "There's a New Gym Leader in Town!" and stars Cheren, Ash, and co. Cheren and everyone have to search for the school's missing Pokemon b4 Ash and Cheren can have an 'unofficial' Gym Battle (Cheren doesn't like to battle). Check it out on www.pokemonepisode.org. it's part of the N Arc, which stars none other than my love: N! all of the most recent episodes r on that site.
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I heard theywill introduce him with hilda and hilbert

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whos hilda and hilbert?
people you can battle with on battle subway