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If the Arceus were to be a plate, it would show a different sprite and it's Judgement would be that plate.

If Ditto used Transform on an Arceus, would Ditto receive the plate benefits such as the typing, the sprite and the Judgement typing?

Also, a side question is that what would happen if Smeargle used Sketch on a Ditto? Would the outcome be something like:

Smeargle used Sketch! (Smeargle has move Transform)
Ditto used Transform! (Ditto mimics Sketch)
Smeargle used Transform! (Turns into Ditto, with Transform)
Ditto used Sketch! (Ditto has the move Transform)
Smeargle used Transform! (Turns into Ditto with Transform)

Or would something fail within there?
Hope someone will help. :o

I accidentally clicked on one of the questions on the side, and it showed me the answer to the first one. So, unless you want to you can answer it but I'll still give BA for whoever answers the second. That is all. :3

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For the main question Ditto would copy the typing of Arceus but Judgement would be a Normal type.

Example: Arceus-Electric was sent out! Ditto was sent out! Ditto transformed into Arceus. It would look like Arceus-Electric but because it has no plate it's Judgement type is Normal.


^ Should answer the side question

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Transform will fail if used on a Pokémon behind a Substitute or a Pokémon under the effect of Illusion. If Transform is used on an Origin Forme Giratina the Pokémon who used Transform will remain in Origin Forme even if it is not holding a Griseous Orb, instead of reverting to Altered Forme. If Transform is used by a Pokémon not holding a Plate or not holding the same Plate on an Arceus holding a Plate, the Pokémon will retain the target Arceus's type and not revert to the type corresponding to its held Plate (or lack of one), but its own Judgment will depend on the Plate it actually holds.

So it'll remain as that Arceus form but Judgement will be dodgy :D

Also in regards to the side question, I think Ditto's attempt at using Sketch fails if it transforms into Smeargle and Smeargle uses sketch - so it's like Sketch does not affect the enemy! or something like that :D

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