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Arceus-Ghost vs Dialga. I switch out to Ditto. Will Ditto transform into Arceus-Ghost or Arceus-Normal?


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>Unlike Generations II and III, the user of the move instead copies the target's coloration and form; therefore, if the target is Shiny, then the user's transformed state will be Shiny as well. If Transform is used on a Spiky-eared Pichu, then the Pokémon who used it will transform into a Spiky-eared Pichu. If the alternate form requires holding an item, such as with Origin Forme Giratina or Arceus, and the Pokémon who used Transform is not holding the required item, the Pokémon will first transform to its target's current form, then immediately revert to the form dictated by the transformed Pokémon's held item; therefore, if it transforms into an Arceus but holds a Plate, it will first assume the target Arceus's form, then immediately change to the form corresponding to its Plate.


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