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In Pokemon Emerald, you can do a Ditto Vs. Ditto battle fairly easily. I did one a while back. The opposing ditto transformed into my Ditto and struggled to death after five pointless turns of transform. However, that's the part I'm confused about. If a Ditto transforms into another Pokemon continually, why doesn't the PP refill to 5 PP?


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Likely because Ditto is still the one performing the move. It's PP has still been depleted if the Ditto has been in battle before. It might also be overpowered if Ditto could restore PP on a whim.

And Gamefreak logic.

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When I say Ditto restoring PP, I'm just talking about Ditto because it still has transform.
Took me a little while, but I understand now. Thanks.
In Gen 1 the battle is infinite because it keeps refreshing the 5 pp but they fixed that in later generations