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Would it use struggle because transform lowers pp of moves that the other Pokemon knows or would something else happen?

I think ditto would just use struggle but I am not sure.

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A famous glitch in Pokémon Gold and Silver can be used to Transform a Ditto into a Smeargle, allowing it to use Sketch to permanently gain an attack used on it. Ditto can then breed the attack into its (non-Ditto) offspring. In Pokémon Emerald and similar games of the generation where Ditto and Smeargle appeared, this was fixed, meaning that a Ditto using Sketch will always fail and a Smeargle will find it impossible to Sketch Transform.

Look Here.
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Otherwise, it would just Transform into Smeargle and it will be a endless battle until one or the other runs out of PP, then it'll be Strugglin' Madness.

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