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Hello Pokemaniacs, I have a terrible question.
Can I Teach my Poor Smeargle the Move transform?
I know who have 2 pokémons with this move Ditto and Mew.
I looked for all places, and the answer is the same of all results 'maybe'.
How I do to teach Smeargle Transform, please someone give me a little help.

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Please make it more formal. Lose the caps, it makes it look scruffy and also makes you look look incompetent. Same with the tit;e. "how does smeargle learn transform?" Not "HOW DO SMEARGLE LEARN TRANSFORM?" OK?

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Get into a Double Batte. Any Double Battle with Mew/Ditto and Smeargle as your leads. Then get Mew/Ditto to use Transform, and get Smeargle to use Sketch on Mew/Ditto. This way, you obtain Transform too. Simple. Hope I helped.

Thanks Man :p