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So I'm pretty sure Gen 6 changed the way Sketch works, and it's a little easier to Sketch calling moves now. I'm wondering what the best way to do it would be. Would it be best to seek out a double battle and send in Smeargle with a Metronome user on your party? Are there wild Clefairy available in later games that know the move? What would work best?

Even if there were wild Pokemon in later games, Metronome calls another move right after it's used. I'm not sure it Smergal can learn it without hacks but I might be wrong

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Get in a Double Battle, and have an ally use Metronome, and then have Smeargle use Sketch on your ally. It'll sketch Metronome, not the move called. This won't work in Generation II, as Sketch will fail on calling moves like Metronome.