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Gender: M
Country: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Venusaur
Friend Codes: 2251-4969-5656
About me: Dex: 806/807
Badges: 50
Played: Yellow, Silver, Emerald, LeafGreen, Platinum, HeartGold, Black, Black 2, Y, Omega Ruby, Moon, Ultra Sun
First game: LeafGreen
First Pokémon: Bulbasaur
First legendary: Moltres
First shiny: Exeggcute
First level 100: Mewtwo
Least favourite: Bruxish

Favourite Pokémon by type: (no duplicates)
Grass: Venusaur
Water: Samurott
Fire: Charizard
Normal: Eevee
Electric: Pikachu
Psychic: Mew
Steel: Aegislash
Rock: Cranidos
Ice: Articuno
Flying: Togekiss
Bug: Heracross
Poison: Gastly
Ghost: Giratina
Ground: Krookodile
Fairy: Sylveon
Dark: Zoroark
Dragon: Rayquaza
Fighting: Machamp

Currently playing: Ultra Sun (Metronome Run)

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So it looks like Australians are being denied access to Zeraora. This has happened before. Anyone have one spare they can trade me?
Nov 1 by bulbasaur_ggd
I tjink in a ROM hack there was an item called the common candy, that decresed a pkmns lvl by 1.
Sep 9 by Octazooka
Yeah! I like that!
Sep 9 by SeeYaLater!
So here's an idea. What about introducing a counterpart to rare candies that decrease a Pokémon's level? Maybe you could have Rare Candy (Blue) and Rare Candy (Red) that increase or decrease level by 1. There are some instances where it could actually come in handy.
Jun 21 by bulbasaur_ggd
What about “y”?
Jun 19 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
So all you need is Zerora, Huh... I wish I was that committed, but I've only ever completed Leaf Green's dex, and Ultra Moon's regional dex for shiny charm
Mar 6 by Stakatacool
Mega Lucario and Mega Audino are the only Pokémon whose names contain every vowel.
Dec 6, 2017 by bulbasaur_ggd