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Gender: Female
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Favorite Pokémon: Darkrai, Dialga, Groudon, Rayquaza, Zapdos, Lunala, Hoopa
Friend Codes: For my 3Ds XL: 4871-9210-9041

...that's all I have...

Friend List:
EvilTwinNeedle aka ETN(Frenimies 4 life :)).
Stakatacool(Cool dude, really nice).

Acquaintance List:
About me: Hello everyone! I've been reading people's questions on this site for a while and I decided to make an account on here to help people out and even get my questions answered. I like Pokemon(duh), Minecraft, and FNaF. Here is some stuff about me and my Pokemon adventures!

First Game: Pokemon X(My friend's).
First Pokemon: Fennekin(Pokemon X).
First Shiny: Goomy(Pokemon X).
First Legendary: Xerneas(Pokemon X).
First Mythical: Magearna(Pokemon Ultra Moon[Although technically, my first mythical was Phione in Pokemon X]).

Now here are some of my favorites and least favorites to do with Pokemon!

Favorite Legendary: (The 5 legendaries up above in the favorite Pokemon section ;)).
Favorite Mythical: Darkrai(without any doubt).
Favorite Type(s): Dark/Fire/Ghost.
Least Favorite Type(s): Bug/Normal.
Favorite Eeveelution(s): Umbreon/Sylveon.
Least Favorite Eeveelution(s): Glaceon/Vaporeon.
Shiny or No Shiny: No shiny(ya, ya, call me crazy, but prefer non shinies).
Special Attack or Attack: Special Attack(I don't know why, but I prefer Special Attack rather than Attack).

Now here are all the Pokemon I have up for trade(this will be updated when needed).

Level 50 shiny Naganadel for an any level, non-shiny version of any of these mythicals; Victini, Diancie, or Keldeo(these might change later, but I'll change this when I need to).
Level 100 shiny Piplup with perfect IVs for the same the same thing as above.
Level 69 shiny Tyrantrum with perfect IVs for the same the same thing as above.
Level 100 shiny HA Inciniroar with perfect IVs for the same the same thing as above.
Level 70 Rayquaza in a Cherish Ball for the same the same thing as above.
Level  63 shiny Tapu Koko in a Cherish Ball for the same the same thing as above.
Level 100 shiny Genesect with Blaze Kick(Hacks??) for the same thing as above.
Level 100 shiny Diancie with all it's IVs Hyper Trained for the same the same thing as above.

There are others, but if I listed every shiny, this list would be too long, so I just listed the most valuable ones.
Anyway, have a good day! :)

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Also, what's Little Cup?
16 hours ago by GinnyEvilShadow
Sorry I wasn't on. This is what I'm thinking:
6V6 Double Battle
Special Pokemon: Permitted
Levels: Idc if level 50 or 100 you decide.
When: Whenever you figure out how to find me in Festival Plaza.

If you don't like the layout, just tell me.
16 hours ago by GinnyEvilShadow
I missed harassing you, but I can go back to it now!

If only you actually checked your wall. :’(

On a more serious note, (not really though lol) when can you battle on the 3DS? Also, what format? 3v3? 6v6? Are legendaries allowed? Level 100, or Level 50? Little Cup? I have a lot of questions
19 hours ago by EvilTwinNeedle™️
1 day ago by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Oh ok.
2 days ago by GinnyEvilShadow
Nuivo was banned for duping, plagiarism, spamming, spam down-voting/flagging, ignoring warnings, and ban evading.
3 days ago by Ёṡṗëöṅäġë
4 days ago by GinnyEvilShadow
Nuivois banned till september 9th
4 days ago by MoonlitMadness
How sad :(
Jul 5 by GinnyEvilShadow
He got banned for retagging too much and something else I guess.
Jul 5 by SeeYaLater