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I'm confused. Smeargle can sketch transform(or any move), but can get sketch back from the move tutor a second time, so if I used the second sketch on transform again, would I have 2 transforms(which would probably cause the game to collapse) or would my move just fail. And um.. does transform give you the opponents stats too?


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No. You can only sketch a move once. It'll fail so you can't have 2 of the same move.

and for the 2nd part of your question:

"copies its stats (except HP), moves (at 5 PP each), type, weight, and ability. The stats are copied exactly, without regard to EVs, IVs, and level. IVs of the target are copied for purposes of Hidden Power, as well. Transform copies the target's species, which means that DeapSeaScale, DeepSeaTooth, Light Ball, Metal Powder, Quick Powder, Soul Dew, and Thick Club activate only if the target is the correct species. Level is not copied, so a low level Pokemon does less damage than a high level Pokemon when using the same move (because the attacker's level is part of the damage formula)."