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I just read about how if a Ditto transforms into an ally with Rage during a Multi Battle and defeats the ally it keeps the moveset of the ally and I am going to exploit this on Soul Silver by teaching a Smeargle Transform (To keep the Ditto Ditto), Rage, and 2 legendary signature moves like Luster Purge or Judgement (through Metronome with a little bit of luck). But there are so issues:

1: I have battled everyone already buy rarely got their phone numbers so I forgot them and I do not want to check every route. Are there any trainers who do Multi Battle rematches? If so, what is the easiest way to make trainers call you for rematches?

2: Will teaching Smeargle Transform or other moves via Metronome even work?

In Generation 4 onward, sketch will copy metronome, not the move that metronome calls.

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On Saturdays during night time (8 PM - 5 AM), you can call Twins Kay and Tia, who are on Kanto Route 15, and they may ask you for a rematch. As far as I can tell from here, that's the only double battle rematch you can get. If you don't already have their PokeGear number, you should be able to get it by just talking to them.
However, as sumwun said, Sketch will copy Metronome, rather than the move that Metronome uses.