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Now, I know it can't call most of the event moves, but Light of Ruin isn't included in the list of moves not callable by Metronome on Bulbapedia.
So what I wonder is that can it be called with Metronome?
And if it can, couldn't you sketch it with a Smearagle for ease of access?

Is there any solid evidence it can be called?

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Listen carefully. If you use true metronome(which acts like metronome in the games), enter the # of attacks as 9999, and ctrl+F, type in the find box, light of ruin, this calc says it is possible. Howerver, since gen 6 onwards, sketch copies calling moves, not the moves being called, according to bulbapedia, so no, smeargle can't sketch Light of Ruin until The eternal floette is released.
So, Yes metronome can call light of ruin, but no, smergle will sketch metronome.

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Which it just so happens to not have even been released as of yet.