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  • I'm not asking about multi-hit moves- I'm wondering if, for example, you use Tackle (for sheer simplicity) the first time, and wish to use it again in the next turn, will it already have a 20% boost while holding Metronome?

Metronome Seribii
To let you know, Metronome now boosts the move 20% in Gen 6 onward.


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>When this item is held by a Pokémon, if the holder uses a move multiple times consecutively, its power is boosted by 10% of its original power up to Black & White, and 20% of its original power from Black & White. The effect stops increasing once it hits 100% and resets if another move is used.

According to Google, consecutive means "following continuously," which would mean that every moves after the first move would be boosted. Also, it would be impossible for the first move to be boosted because the game can't tell if you are going to use the same move after you use the first move.

So no, the first move used would not get the 20% boost from the Metronome.

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I had a feeling. Thanx Mega_Sceptile!