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I saw that in the Database that Larvesta evovles into Volcarona at Lvl.59. Is there a way to it faster than just on Route 9( my way, currently Lv.43. )? I would also want a moveset.

Thx don't need it though since its evolves thx to the nimbasa ciy courts

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Give it the Exp. Share and fight not only the Elite Four, but Morimoto (In Castelia City postgame), Cheren, Bianca (when possible), Audinos, the Nimbasa City Domes, and Cynthia when she comes back. I have used this to get 14 lv. 100s (including volcarona and a SHUCKLE) and I get more daily. Hope this helps. P.S. and when its strong enough, you will kill EVERYTHING!

Now I believe I have gotten 18 Lv. 100s from using this techique. Excuse me, 24. Sorry.
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Well, wesley already gave you a good answer for the how to train it, but for a moveset I would say.

bug buzz - stab -
flamethrower - stab -
quiver dance - ups -
psychic - for the dirty little fighting types with rock moves

FunintheD ;)

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Elite four is too tough and expensive for EXP. share on a 50-ish leveled pokemon, I would suggest route 14, well everything else is said by Kyogreruler.

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Fastest would be battle the elite four with an exp share on it. until it is high enough to battle the elite four on its own.

dont forget the lucky egg :)