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Besides E4 and battling Trainers.

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Option 1 In black city battle the number of trainers the man in town tells you to and you should get LOTS of cash.

Option 2 Go to the abyssal ruins using dive in undella bay to get relic/artifact items then after you get some go to the villa and in the far right there is a karate guy that buys relics that you found in abyssal for a high price.

Option 3 Go to marvelous bridge and and collect wings where a shadow is but occasionally a swanna may appear. Wings are VERY common there and sell for 1000 in which if you save up you get some amounts of money

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What man in town? Please be more specific.
In black city after you beat 5 people in the giant building in the center and there is a man in a corner that gives lotsa money for beating those five trainers outside