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I understand it’s been asked here, but I haven’t even reached the first gym and I’m broke. I needed those black jeans, ok?

Anyway, I want to know how to make money quickly early in the game, so I can buy items (like burn heals for Kabu). I’m just wondering because the methods listed on that question were more efficient later in the game/can’t be done early in the game.

If it makes a difference, I’m playing Shield.


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The two easiest ways I can think of are:

If you received the latest Mystery Gift, that gave you Big Nuggets you could sell for a lot of money.

Or, you can collect a bunch of Watts, then going to the Digging Duo, in hopes that they will give you valuable items you can sell. This can get very tedious, though, seeing as you don't yet have the Rotom Bike.

Source: Previous experience and knowledge

Hope I helped!

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Oh oof I didn’t get the Mystery Gift on this account.
Then the Digging Duo is likely your best bet.
Welp anyway thanks! :)
You can also fish up Pearls.
No problem!
That too, Jhnfui.
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According to this Austin John Plays video, you can do Watt Farming (by Raid den Spamming) and purchase Luxury Balls (100 Watts a pop). These Luxury balls can then be sold at your local Pokémon Center for 1500 PokéDollars per ball.

Also, for Raid Den Spamming, just follow the original video at 2:53.

Thank you too! :)
Austin john is awesome