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I want to be able to have enough money for all the purchasable TMs and other items.

Help is appreciated

How far are you in the game? Did you complete all of the trials yet or still in the middle of them all?

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Another good method for endless money farming is to break large boulders using Tauros. Go to Poni Coast, above Poni Plains, and there are four large boulders you can break in a row. After breaking all of them, leave then return and the boulders are magically restored. Rinse and repeat. They sometimes drop:
- Stardust $1,500
- Star Piece $6,000
- Comet Shard $30,000

This is a method I saw on a video from Verlisify. I make on average anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 in five minutes.

Hope this helps. It is the most effective method I have seen so far.

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Pyukumuku Chucking is a great way to get tons of money. You can do it I believe once a day? I am not completely sure. But you can get $20,000 from Pyukumuku Chucking. To do so, go to the Hano Beach which is near the Hano Grand Hotel. The Hano Grand Hotel is located on Akala Island. Have fun and hope I helped.