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i'm sorry, but what is SR
It means "soft reset," basically where you keep battling a Legendary or special Pokémon (like Type: Null) until it has what you are looking for, typically Shininess, IVs or Hidden Power types.

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Zygarde is shiny locked and there is no legal way to obtain it in its shiny form. Soft resetting will be a waste of time. Sorry!

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Collecting all of the Zygarde cells is the biggest side-quest in Sun and Moon.
Yeah duh of course I knew that Astro
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No, the other legendaries, UBs and Tapus are shiny locked. (except for Tapu Koko, as there will be an event in the future)

A full list of shiny-locked Pokémon can be found here.

Note that not all legendary Pokémon can be obtained shiny when Soft Resetting.