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So I had received a Buzzwole from the GTS to complete my Pokedex and make a competitive build around it. The problem is that the person who had sent over the Buzzwole had already been using it before, so it's EVs are way far off from the build I want to make. Is their anyway I can reset the EVs of a Pokemon?



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You can reset your Buzzwole's EVs by giving it one of the berries that decreases each EV by 10. If you were wondering which berry decrease which EV stat they are:
Pomeg for HP
Kelpsy for Attack
Qualot for Defense
Hondew for Special Attack
Grepa for Special Defense
Tamato for Speed
All of these berries can be found in front of berry trees on route 10.

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Just a small thing to add incase anyone doesn't know, if you find one of these berries that you plan to use, put it on the berry island in the Poké Pelago so you can produce a lot more.
I haven't checked, so let's say each berry gives you six and it takes a day(12 hours if you use poke beans) within two (or one) day(s) you can have 36 berries that can take away, according to Burning__Karma, 360 EV points in total.
I like how a "tamato berry" is just a tomato