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Is there a good place too grind levels in sun and moon? I beat the elite four once, already.

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I remember there was a question that is similar to this one. I can't remember.
The Battle Buffet is a good place to go; after the league, all Pokemon are Level 55 and I imagine they could yield a lot of experience.

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Here's an easy method to grind in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

In a step by step process:
1. Obtain a Lucky Egg (Boosts overall EXP, like the Amulet Coin.)
2. Give the Lucky Egg to your strongest Pokemon
3. Activate the EXP. Share
4. Grind in the following areas; Poni Meadow, Poni Gauntlet, Pokemon League.

The result should be that EXP gained with the Lucky Egg and distributed by the EXP. Share should be boosted by a considerable amount. It's also recommended that you S.O.S. Grind, in tandem with Shiny Chaining if you want to, for optimal results.

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I thought that the amulet coin gave you more money.
yeah it doubles prize money