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So, They are fused with Necrozma but why? I mean that he is the third legendary in the Sun and Moon game, so should he get his own game E.G
Like almost all the games (Back/White (Grey) ORAS (Delta Emerald) X/Y (Z))
Okay there's quite a few but... Why not?

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What are you asking?
If you're asking why Necrozma doesn't have a game based around it, similarly to how Rayquaza and Giratina had a game based around them, it's probably because Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma don't really form a trio, as pretty much the only way Solgaleo and Lunala are related to Necrozma is because of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. Also, there have only been three games based off of a third legendary Pokemon, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum. It's been eight years since Platinum was released, so I think that it's not unlikely that there won't be any more Pokemon games with a third version. I'd also like to point out that, even if Necrozma did get its own game, "Eclipse" would be a pretty bad name for it.
Can I just say that Pokemon Eclipse is actually the best name for a Pokemon game ever.
Nah, man. Pokemon Doctor Mario MLG Pepperoni Pizza Diet Cherry Pepsi Expansion Pack Two (With DLC) Version is the best name for a Pokemon game.
^ He got a point.
Pokemon Doctor Mario MLG Pepperoni Pizza Diet Cherry Pepsi Expansion Pack Two (With DLC) Version, lets ask Gamefreak for that XD

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Delta Emerald doesn't make sense, since remakes don't get third games and Pokemon Z doesn't make sense, since Pokemon X and Y are named after two chromosomes that determine sex; Z isn't a chromosome. The only correlation between X, Y and Z is the fact that they are the names of three axis, which was not the intended purpose of the names X and Y. The only unpredictable name was B2W2. This name makes more sense once the lore was explained. In the same way, the names Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon may be explained in the lore of the games.

Okay thanks