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Please help me I need some sensei out there to give a detailed explanation on how to shiny hunt.

Really, not a question that should be asked here. There's lots of guides that can help you online. Here's a great article to get you started: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.primagames.com/games/pokemon-sun-pokemon-moon/tips/how-shiny-chain-pokemon-sun-and-moon%3Frender_mode%3Dgoogle
What makes it a question that shouldn't be asked here?
Because nowadays it's something that can be googled as easily as American history.
Sun and moon is still a relatively new game so this is a good spot to ask questions and talk about things that we have not yet figured out.
That being said, you're the expert! Astronautical! You tell us lol
Most of the information on the DB can be googled. But it is a database, after all. The only questions not allowed are those that can be easily answered by the information portion of the DB (not PokéBase), and of course duplicate questions and other rule breakers.

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  1. Find the place in the wild where you can find the Pokemon you want to shiny hunt. Make sure they call for another one of their species when they call for help.
  2. Have a Pokemon that knows false swipe, some kind of move that can knock out one of the Pokemon you're fighting against in one hit and some kind of move that wastes a turn, like protect.
  3. Also have whatever you need to catch the shiny.
  4. Buy an adreneline orb from any pokemart.
  5. Go into a wild battle with the Pokemon you want a shiny of.
  6. On turn one use the adreneline orb.
  7. On turn two use false swipe on them.
  8. On every turn after that, knock out the Pokemon they call for. If one doesn't appear, use the turn wasting move. If you think the original Pokemon that's calling for help is about to run out of pp for their moves (so after lots and lots of turns) knock them out and use false swipe on the other one.
  9. When a shiny appears, knock out the other Pokemon on the field and catch the shiny.

A video tutorial

Pro tip. Bring a Pokemon with Synchronize (such as Espeon, Umbreon, or Alakazam) with the nature you want and use that to eliminate the non-shinies. That way you're less likely to get suck with, for example, an Adamant shiny Haunter.