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Does anyone know how to evolve a feebas in sun/moon? I really want a milotic :)

Why is this flagged? It's not technically a duplicate since it's asking for gen 7.

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There are 2 ways to evolve Feebas. The Beauty Condition method, and the Prism Scale method.

The Beauty Condition method is related to Contests. You use Berries to make treats for the Pokemon called Poffins. Blue ones raise the Beauty stat used in Contests. When you raise the Beauty of a Feebas high enough, then have it gain a level, it will evolve into Milotic. However, this method is only available in games that contain the Contests and their associated mechanics, and as such, is not available in Sun and Moon.

The Prism Scale method is much simpler. Obtain the Prism Scale item, give it to Feebas to hold, then trade it. Just like any other Trade-Evolution. Because Sun and Moon do not use Contests, this is the only way to evolve a Feebas to Milotic.

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You evolve Feebas the same way as you did in XY/ORAS. Make it hold a Prism Scale and then trade it to somebody. It should evolve, and then they can trade it back to you.

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Not 100% true, because contests exist in ORAS.  This enables the Beauty Condition method.
Can prism scale method be used in (omega) ruby and (alpha) sapphire?